Ultimate Treasure Hunt Group Program!

“There’s GOT to be more to life than this.”

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How many times have you said these words?  Or at least, thought them?

A few?

A lot?

TOO many?

Ever wonder what your life would be like if you just knew who you were and what you wanted?  Like, you know you’re smart, and you know you’re capable of doing most anything, but you just don’t know what you want that to be?  And you’ve bought all the books, and heard all the advice, and you don’t feel any closer to figuring it out?

What if I told you that you already have all the answers, but you just haven’t asked the right questions yet?  And that the reason you haven’t figured it out yet, even after reading all those books and getting all that well-meant advice, isn’t that you’re not smart enough to ‘get’ it.  And it isn’t that those people are necessarily wrong, because chances are, they are sharing what works for them, or someone they know.  But what you’re getting from them just doesn’t feel right for you.

While it can be really useful to get input from someone outside ourselves, because sometimes, they can see things about us that we are blind to, the expert on your life, is YOU!  And if that scares you just a bit, hang on!

As we move through our lives, we collect bits and pieces along the way from our experiences with the people we cross paths with, and from the stories we hear, and these get twisted and woven together to become the ‘rules’ we live by.  And we’ve been carrying some of these pieces around for so long, we’ve forgotten that they’re not ours.  It takes a lot of digging, and asking the right questions, to sift through all those bits and pieces, and find the ones that feel like us.  But once you do?  Once you can hear your own voice again (or maybe, for the first time ever)?  It’s astounding how easily everything else falls into place!

What if you knew that, buried deep inside you, there is a treasure that could change your life forever?  And this treasure could give you all the tools you needed to start living your best life?  One that feels right, authentic, and perfectly aligned with the person you choose to be.  A treasure so valuable, so vital to discovering a life you love, that it’s absolutely priceless!  Wouldn’t you want to find that?

Because the truth is, YES!  There IS more!

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Let’s go on a Treasure Hunt!

Me2Hi!  I’m Sandra, Life Coach and Founder of SuddenlyFree.Life, and I use travel as a catalyst in helping women who know (or at least, hope!) there’s more to life than this, but don’t quite know what that looks like.  They are tired of living in fear, self-doubt, and confusion, and limiting themselves in order to appease others.  They are ready for clarity, authenticity, independence, self-confidence, and are really looking for a fresh start!  I help them design a lifestyle that reflects their unique personality and needs!


In The Ultimate Treasure Hunt Group Program, which officially begins November 1, 2017, we will:

  • Week 1:  Sift through the past to figure out where your ‘rules’ came from (so you know when and how to break them!)
  • Week 2:  Look at how you are getting in your own way (and what you can do about it!)
  • Week 3:  Get a good picture of where you are now and how you got there (because every journey needs a starting point!)
  • Week 4 is Thanksgiving week.  No activities are scheduled.  Enjoy your holiday!
  • Week 5:  Use a variety of techniques to figure out what you’d like your life to look like (so you can decide on your destination, or at least, the next stop!)
  • Week 6:  Create a plan of action so you can start moving toward your dreams (because you’re gonna need a map!)
  • Week 7:  Celebrate the beginning of a wonderful new adventure!  

This six week program consists of:

  • Weekly webinars with recordings
  • Bonus videos
  • Worksheets
  • Homework activities
  • Lots of support and encouragement

And be sure to join our private Facebook Group, created specifically for program participants, so that you can also benefit from:

  • Group discussions
  • Unlimited opportunity to ask questions and get guidance throughout the program
  • A community of people to cheer you on as you all share in the same journey

This program is based on the same format I use with my individual coaching programs starting at $497.

For only $297, you get all of the above, PLUS lifetime access to the program, including any new materials that are added, the opportunity to repeat the program at any time, and lifetime access to the private Facebook Group.  Not only that, but you’ll be the first to hear about any upcoming programs, and qualify for special discounts!

Not sure if this program is right for you? 

Got questions? 

Want to know more? 

Just want to know who the heck I am? 

Drop by the Facebook page, and let’s chat!


I know, I know.  What if you get started, and then realize that this just isn’t the program for you?  I got this!  If, after the first three weeks, you present evidence of having completed all the worksheets and homework assignments, and you still don’t feel like this is right for you, I will issue a full refund.  This lets me know that you have made an honest effort to get something out of the program, and that it’s just not what you need. No problem, and no hard feelings!  Please note that no refunds will be issued once the Week 4 email goes out on Sunday, November 26, 2017.

If you are ready for MORE, and are struggling to figure out what that looks like for you, then you’re definitely in the right place!  If you’ve been putting this off for far too long, and know it’s time to do something about it, now’s your chance!  If you’d like to start off next year with a whole new outlook on life, don’t delay!  Join us in The Ultimate Treasure Hunt Group Program, and start making progress toward your best life right away!

YES!  I’m ready to find my MORE!

Six weeks.

A life you love.

Only $297.

Sign me up!

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