Celebrating Your New Life!

So, you’ve decided to go for it.

You’ve reflected.  You’ve researched.  You’ve meditated.  You’ve prayed.

Whatever your method, you’ve figured out what you want, or at least what you want next, and you’ve decided to act on it.

First of all, YAY!  That’s so awesome!  And even though it feels scary right now, you’re also super excited to be moving in the direction of a life you love!  When those fears creep in, and they definitely will, think back on all the things you’ve done that were once scary.  Chances are, they are some of the most rewarding times of your life!  And probably also provided the most growth!  No matter how they turned out, you learned something about yourself, and that’s always useful!

Secondly, it’s okay to not know quite how you’re going to pull this off yet.  You made a decision to go after something you really want, and that has merit all its own.  When you make a decision, things happen.  That doesn’t mean there won’t be obstacles to test your resolve along the way.  But if you keep moving in the direction of your dreams, you’ll find all sorts of little coincidences, if you pay attention.

One thing to keep in mind, however, is that you aren’t going to get something new by doing the things you’ve always done.  So keep your eyes and ears open for new opportunities.  A friend you don’t see very often invites you to dinner at a new restaurant?  Go!  You never know when the exact person you need to meet is sitting at the next table!  You hear about a class that sounds interesting, but your friends don’t want to go?  Go anyway!  You might learn something that gets you one step closer to your dream!

And one very important step you should never skip?  Celebrate!  Don’t be tempted to put this off until you’ve reached your goal.  Celebrate your decision to go after something that’s important to you!  It doesn’t have to be some grand to-do.  It can be as simple and private as buying yourself some little trinket that represents your goal, or as big and public as throwing a party!  But celebrating signals to the universe that you are committed and ready to take this next step.  Declaring it starts the process of turning it into a reality.  Keep it to yourself or announce it to the world, but take action.  Put yourself on the path, and the road will rise up to meet you!

Go on!  Celebrate!

You’re worth it!

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